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Canna-Centers provides evaluations for patients suffering with chronic and serious medical conditions.  Our doctors are (and always have been) in good standing with the Medical Board.  Our offices are professionally appointed and we provide 24/7 online and live verification.  We also have an Attorney Protection Program in case you have legal questions or issues.  Canna-Centers has been open for over 4 years, providing high-quality care and helping patients have a better quality of life!   Please beware of other clinics. Many have doctors have had problems with the medical board and cannot practice in any other specialty.  They open a medical marijuana office just to make money.  Before you go to any office for your letter, you should call and find out the name of the doctor who will be seeing you, then go to http://www.mbc.ca.gov/lookup.html where you can check the doctor (this is a free service from the Medical Board of California).  If they have had a medical board issue in the past it will be listed.  Doctors who have had problems in the past have a hard time backing you up if you have any legal issues, so make sure to check that the doctor has a spotless record.  Also the office should be owned by a physician (not a layperson) and they should have a fictitious name permit with the medical board - if not, they are an illegal practice.  Canna-Centers guarantees a professional experience  - we have been doing it right since 2008!    

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